The first Eagle Record Label to appear in the '70s was a Reggae label; a subsidiary of Jama, it issued records from 1975 to 1977. Pat Rhoden Tito Simon and Earl Martin was the co-owners of the label. Unusually, for much of its existence Eagle's records didn't have the company's name on the label. Eagle labels came in both paper and injection-moulded varieties, the latter being pressed by Phonodisc. For some reason the eagle on the injection-moulded version was pictured looking in the opposite direction to the one on the paper label. The original heraldic eagle was replaced by a natural-looking one in the mid EAG-30s, at which point the company's name appeared on the label for the first time. Catalogue numbers were in an EAG-000 series for the first nine issues; it gained an extra 0 from EAG-0010 on and off until the end, which seems to have happened around EAG-37.  For a time Eagle and the other Jama labels were given nationwide distribution through Transatlantic. Eagle Records was a subsidiary of Jama Music, Former address Jama Music: 1 Brixton Station Road London SW9. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Andy Horace  Beware Of A Smiling Face EAGLE EAG 001
75 McKay Freddie   Because Of You EAGLE EAG 002
75 Rhoden Pat  It Must Be Santa Clause  EAGLE EAG 003
75 Stewart Tinga  Funny Feeling  EAGLE EAG 004
75 Davis Ronnie  Without You In My Life EAGLE EAG 005
75 Poppin Keith  Why Make Believe EAGLE EAG 006
75 Paul Eugene  She Is Gone  EAGLE EAG 007
75 McKay Freddie   Since I Met You EAGLE EAG 008
75 Poppin Keith  Whenever There Is Moonlight EAGLE EAG 009
75 Taylor Tyrone  Hurt Me EAGLE EAG 010
75 Junior Byles  Fade Away  EAGLE EAG 011
75 Lloyd Hemmings  Calling All Black Man EAGLE EAG 012
75 Jah Glenn  Jah Jah Bring Everything EAGLE EAG 013
75 Rocky & Liz  Please Call Me EAGLE EAG 014
75 Andy Horace  Beware Of A Smiling Face  EAGLE EAG 015
75 Dennis Denzil  Lonely Street EAGLE EAG 016
75 Lloyd Hemmings  Africa EAGLE EAG 017
75 Milton Hammilton  Let My Dreams Come Through EAGLE EAG 018
75 Paul Eugene  I Want To Be There EAGLE EAG 019
76 Sibleys Leroy  Only Sixteen EAGLE EAG 020
76 Brown Glenmore  Welcome My Love  EAGLE EAG 021
76 Poppin Keith  Get Together EAGLE EAG 022
76 Aitkin Laurel  Delilah EAGLE EAG 023
76 Thompson Everand  Mass John  EAGLE EAG 024
76 Gospel Brothers  I Love Seen The Light  EAGLE EAG 025
76 Scott Coleman  You Don't Know Like I Know EAGLE EAG 026
76 T Washington Norman Set Me Free EAGLE EAG 027
76 McKay Freddie   Funny Girl  EAGLE EAG 028
76 Warren Pamela  I Want To Give It EAGLE EAG 029
76 Raymondo  Fools Been Hurt By Love EAGLE EAG 030
76 Davis Ronnie  No One Can Take Your Place EAGLE EAG 031
76 Page Lola  Stop And Think It Over EAGLE EAG 032
76 Webber Merlyn  Once You Hit The Road  EAGLE EAG 033
76 Simmonds Dudley  Teach Me Tonight EAGLE EAG 034
76 Sparks Carl & The Cadets  Can't Help Falling In Love  EAGLE EAG 035
76 George Earl  Since I Met You Baby EAGLE EAG 036
76 Lace Verna & The Aces  It Was My Fault  EAGLE EAG 037

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