The last Eagle of the 1970s appears to have been the smallest. It was a product of Wessex Records, of Portsmouth, and its only release was a single by Don E. Sibley and the Dixie Pheonix, 'Punk Bashing Boogie' (WEX265; 1979). The catalogue number was taken from Wessex's own series. The single was reissued in 1980 on the Rockabilly specialist label Hot Rock. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Spook A-Auraa  WESSEX WEX 261
79 Nightrider  Gruesome Girls / Stay Clean WESSEX WEX 262
79 The Thought Police Untitled  WESSEX WEX 263
79 Laughing Gass New Tart  WESSEX WEX 264
79 Don E. Sibley and the Dixie Pheonix  Punk Bashing Boogie  EAGLE WEX 265
79 The Dials Maxine  WESSEX WEX 266
79 The Same Movements  WESSEX WEX 267
79 Twist 'N' Shout Bounce Back WESSEX WEX 268
79 Strate Jacket You're A Hit  WESSEX WEX 269
79 Spittin' Image Baby Goodbye / (Wish I Could See A) U.F.O. WESSEX WEX 270
79 Silvertown Sunday Driver WESSEX WEX 271
79 Nightrider Digital Techniques EP  WESSEX WEX 272
80 China Doll Oysters & Wine  WESSEX WEX 273
80 Soho Miss You All The Way / Come On Girl  WESSEX WEX 274
80 Teenage Filmstars The Odd Man Out  WESSEX WEX 275
80 Kaleidoscope Bonie Moronie/Reddy Teddy WESSEX WEX 276

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