There were at least four Eagle labels in the '70s. This appears to have been the first. As the label states, it was based in Rothwell, Northants; the EP featuring four medleys by the Warren Eagle Trio (DT-27), seems to have been its only release.  There is no date on the label, but DT-17 - which can be found listed under 'Don Pearce Entertainments' - is reported to be from 1972, which would put this record tentatively at 1973. The music on it consists of straightforward keyboard / bass / drums instrumentals; the format and the appearance of the label suggests a self-financed product from a Club / Cabaret band. The 'Company sleeve', which appears to have been home-printed, is a nice touch. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 The Storytellers You Don't Have To Say You Love Me DON PEARCE ENTERTAINMENTS DT 17
73 Warren Eagle Trio  Warren Eagle Trio Ep EAGLE DT 27

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