Independent label: of John Greenslade's 'Exeter Sound Recording' studio. ESR seems to have made custom recordings from around 1979 until at least 1991, though, as is the case with such concerns, its products are hard to trace and the dates are provisional. E.S.R. was responsible for the appearance several 7" records in an ESR-0 (later ESR-000) series during 1979-80, including 'Ain't No Van Gogh' by Silent Movies (ESR-1; 1979) and the Living Daylights' 'Heart Stop' EP (ESR-3; 1979). Manufacture of those two records was through custom recording firm SRT. As well as the the Exeter City F.C. single, 'Playing The Game' (ESR-005; 1980) there was another one, 'Swing Along With City', which had a label of the same design but different colouring - black printing on white. That single had no catalogue number on the label; it may perhaps be ESR-2, which is missing from the discography below. ESR resurfaced in 1983, with a new label design and a new catalogue series, SSR-0000; if catalogue numbers are anything to go by it appears to have managed at least eighteen releases, SSR-0018 coming out in January 1984. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Silent Movies Ain'T No Van Gogh  E S R ESR 1
79 Douglas Mounce Jasper E S R ESR 002
79 Living Daylights Heart Stop [ Ep ] E S R ESR 3
80 Lou Reichner Band Final Vinyl Ep E S R ESR 4
80 Exeter City F.C Swing Along  Playing The Game E S R ESR 005
81 John Greenslade We Are The Falcons E S R ESR 006
83 Sweeney  I'Ve Been Meaning To Say  E S R SSR 0007
83 Not Traced E S R ESR 008
84 Not Traced E S R ESR 009
84 Not Traced E S R ESR 010
84 Not Traced E S R ESR 011
84 Not Traced E S R ESR 012
84 Not Traced E S R ESR 013
84 Not Traced E S R ESR 014
84 Ovation Love Will Grow Again E S R SSR 0015
85 Not Traced E S R ESR 016
85 Not Traced E S R ESR 017
85 Gary Kane And The Tornadoes  Anybody Else But You E S R SSR 0018
86 Not Traced E S R ESR 019
86 Not Traced E S R ESR 020
86 Johnny And The Strollers City Of A Thousand Dreams E S R ESR 0021
87 Not Traced E S R ESR 022
91 Mike Scott  A Kind Of Loving E S R ESR 0023
89 Mike Scott  Anytime At All E S R SRT9KS2155
82 Ginger Walker   Love Will Grow Again E S R SRTS82CUS1260
74 Les Thomas Why Does Life Treat Me So E S R ESR 001
74 Exeter City F.C. / Fred Binney Swing Along With City / A Football Fan E S R ESR 002
83 Ragged Reggie Falling Down The Hole E S R SSR 0006

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