E.E.L.T.T.A. Records was a label of Epsom Ewell and Le Touquet Twinning Association: E.E.L.T.T.A. appears to have been responsible for just the one record, a single by Jean Rosol featuring 'Le Touquet' on one side and 'Epsom' on the other.  It was made through and by custom pressing firm Lyntone, and its catalogue numbers, LYN-3042 and 3043 (one for each side), were taken from Lyntone's own series.  There's no date on the labels but comparison with other Lyntone numbers allows us to pin it down to 1975.  I assume that 'Jean Rosol' is the same as singer / guitarist 'Jan Rosol' who had several other records out in the 1960s and '70s; see 'Mary, Glasgow & Baker' for some of them. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Jean Rosol Le Touquet E.E.L.T.T.A. LYN 3042 / LYN 3043

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