Independent Reggae label: Duke Reid Records was a subsidiary of Trojan Records. Duke Reid issued approximately twenty four singles during the period 1970-73, all of which were produced by Duke Reid. Trojan was the manufacture, but the company had no pressing facilities of its own and outsourced the work, often to Orlake. Arthur "Duke" Reid was born in Portland, Jamaica.1915, died 1975. Owner of Treasure Isle Recording Studios and labels Dutchess, Duke Reid's, Treasure Isle, Duke Records, Duke and Duke Reid (JA), founder of Trojan Records. Duke Reid Former  Address: Trojan / B&C Recordings Ltd 326 Kensall Road, London W10 5 BL. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Ellis Alton What Does It Take DUKE REID DR 2501
70 Tennors Hopeful Village DUKE REID DR 2502
70 Hinds Neville Sunday Gravy DUKE REID DR 2503
70 Parker Ken Sugar Pantie DUKE REID DR 2504
70 Lewis Hopeton Boom Shack Lacka DUKE REID DR 2505
70 Holt John Come Out Of My Bed DUKE REID DR 2506
70 Ethiopians Mother'S Tender Care DUKE REID DR 2507
70 Dillon Phyllis This Is Me DUKE REID DR 2508
70 Roy Hugh Wake The Town DUKE REID DR 2509
70 Roy Hugh Rule The Nation DUKE REID DR 2510
70 Hinds Justin & Dominoes Say Me Say DUKE REID DR 2511
70 Ellis Alton You Made Me So Very Happy DUKE REID DR 2512
70 Roy Hugh Wear You To The Ball DUKE REID DR 2513
70 Roy Hugh You'Ll Never Get Away DUKE REID DR 2514
70 Roy Hugh Version Galore DUKE REID DR 2515
70 Lewis Hopeton Testfy DUKE REID DR 2516
71 Roy Hugh Tom Drunk DUKE REID DR 2517
71 Roy Hugh True True DUKE REID DR 2518
71 Roy Hugh Flashing My Whip DUKE REID DR 2519
72 U Roy  Rock To The Beat DUKE REID DR 2520
72 Parker Ken Jimmy Brown DUKE REID DR 2521
72 Eagles Your Enemies DUKE REID DR 2522
73 Ford Eddie Guess I This Riddle DUKE REID DR 2523
73 Russell Dorothy You'Re The One I Love DUKE REID DR 2524

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