Independent label: Dubious Records was from the Punk / New Wave years, Dubious was based in Hounslow. It issued just two 7" records, including one by the band Scissor Fits - the 'Taut? Tense? Angular?' EP, featuring 'I Don't Want To Work For British Airways' (SJP-793; 1978) - and a single by a member of that band, Bud Drago, 'Resident Alien' (DUB-2 / SJP-794, 10/79). Both records were made at Fair Deal studio of Hayes, as indicated by the SJP prefixes. Distribution of DUB-2 was by Rough Trade. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Scissor Fits Taut? Tense? Angular? And Other British Rail Sandwiches [ Ep ] DUBIOUS DUB 1 / SJP 793
79 Bud Drago Resident Alien DUBIOUS DUB 2 / SJP 794

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