Independent label: Drum Major Records was run by the Micon Recording Company, of Colchester.  It appears to have been dedicated to military and other kinds of band music.  Starting in 1968 it issued several albums in a 'Massed Band Spectacular' series, recorded at Colchester and Suffolk Military Tattoos.  Numbering was generally in the MCN-0s; the highest number that googling turns up is MCN-7, a record of the 1972 Colchester Tattoo.  In addition to its LPs it put out at least one EP, 'The Alan Neale Bandshow', which featured the tracks 'All Or Nothing At All', 'Biberacher' and 'Moonlight Serenade' (MCNSPE-18).  There's no date on the label but the prefix of the catalogue number looks as though it was a combination of the 'MCN' one and an 'SP' / 'SPE' one which Micon also used.  If that is the case, as SP-12 (a record of the commentary of the Colchester versus Leeds F.A. Cup tie) is from 1971, MCNSPE-18 could tentatively be placed a year or two later.  Micon was responsible for a couple of other labels: it joined forces with the New Zealand company Viking to put out several LP on the Viking label over here, and was responsible for a 7" record on the Union Castle label Distributed By Micon Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 The Alan Neale Bandshow All Or Nothing At All DRUM MAJOR MCNSPE 18

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