Independent label from 1979-80: Drömm issued two singles, 'Drömm' (DRÖ-1; 1979), and 'Identify' (DRÖ-3; 1980), and an album, 'Hansten Klork' (DRÖ-2; 1980), all by the band Metabolist.  Presumably it was owned by the band. METABOLIST were a short-lived UK experimental group forming in January '77; consisting of Malcolm Lane (guitar, synth, vocals), Simon Millward (bass, vocals, synth) and Mark Rowlatt (drums, percussion), with Jacqueline Bailey dedicated to cover designs. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Metabolist Dromm DROMM DRO 1
80 Metabolist Hansten Klork (Album) DROMM DRO 2
80 Metabolist Idenity DROMM DRO 3

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