Independent label: Downing Records was a custom recording - company. The fact that Merseysiders Tony Crane (of the Merseybeats), Lee Brennan and Dave Roylance all issued or produced records on the label makes it a good bet that Downing was from that part of the country, Ronald Downing who ran a record shop in Liverpool in the late 70s may have been the driving force behind the company. In addition to the Lee Brennan, 'I Never Loved Anyone More' (DR-1001), there was at least one other, 'Funny Face' by Elaine Marie and Maverick (RKD-005), which had a white label of the same design. The latter single was issued in 1979, which suggests that the Lee Brennan record (which was pressed by RCA) is from slightly earlier. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Lee Brennan  I Never Loved Anyone More  DOWNING DR 1001
79 Not Traced DOWNING RKD 001
79 Not Traced DOWNING RKD 002
79 Not Traced DOWNING RKD 003
79 Not Traced DOWNING RKD 004
79 Elaine Marie And Maverick  Funny Face DOWNING RKD 005

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