Independent label: devoted to Christian songs, and the record label of Kingsway Music from 1973 to 1979. Dove - or Dovetail, as it was until 1976 - concentrated on LPs, in the main, putting out at least sixty-five of them. It issued at least one single, however, 'That's Me In The Corner', by Adrian Snell (DS-7001), which came out in May 1979. The label actually has 'Kingsway Music' on it, rather than 'Dove'; the few Dove album labels lacked that wording. I have decided to stick with the 'Dove' naming and treat that single separately because of its discrete DS-7000 numerical series, 'DS' presumably standing for 'Dove Single'.  Subsequent singles kept the same 'sky' label design and the logo but changed the catalogue numbering to a KMS-900 series, 'KMS' at a guess standing for 'Kingsway Music Single'; they can be found on the page dedicated to that label.  'Music Master' lists 'Song Of The Last Generation', by Ishmael United as a Dove single, but Steve of the excellent 'lowdown kids' site reports that while the album from which it was taken was on Dove that particular single was definitely on Kingsway Music.  It had its own specific label design, featuring a large black rosette and a pair of cartoon football boots on a yellow background; it had a catalogue number of 5-NIL, which isn't much help; and it was an example of that odd phenomenon the Christian Punk record.  It came out in the same month as the Adrian Snell single.  Distribution was by Kingsway Music. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Adrian Snell  That'S Me In The Corner DOVE DS 7001

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