Independent label:  Double-S Productions Records was a Dover-based company, which seems to have specialized in field recordings - the only two of their products so far have featured the sounds of London and of Wales respectively.  I have only been able to trace one record on the actual Double-S Productions label, the first is a recording of some of the sounds of London, and it is entitled, sensibly enough, 'Sounds Like London'. Its catalogue numbers, PC-067 / PC-068 (one for each side) indicate a Procaudio product, and the style of the matrix number suggests that Pye were responsible for the pressing.  PC-043 came out on Procaudio in 1970, which gives us a date of 1971 for 'Sounds Like London'. An earlier Procaudio EP, PC-057 / 058, was also made for Double-S, according to its picture sleeve, but it had no reference to Double-S on the label. See also Longmans, And Procaudio. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Dillwyn Owen with Denys Graham Seiniau Cymru - Sounds Like Wales  DOUBLE S PRODUCTIONS PC 057 / PC 058
72 David Bellan Sounds Like London DOUBLE S PRODUCTIONS PC 067 / PC 068 
72 Edward Woodward Shakespeare's Stratford DOUBLE S PRODUCTIONS PC 073 / PC 074
72 Unknown Artist With Milo O'Shea A Mediaeval Tour DOUBLE S PRODUCTIONS PC 075 / PC 076

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