Double H Records was A custom recording label from the south-west of England. Double H seems to have had a connection with the West Of England Sound studio. The Silhouettes' EP featuring 'Sarah Jane' and three other tracks (WE-008) was numbered in a series which appears to have been used by that company. EP had another number, DH-105, which requires explaining.  The only two other Double H records been in that DH-100 series. Both of them were LPs: 'Stay Awhile' by Rikki Avon (DH-103), and Dave Williams's 'Travelling Man' (DH-104; 1978). The latter gives us a likely year of release for the Silhouettes EP. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Tony Pinkerton Tony Pinkerton E.P. WEST OF ENGLAND SOUND WE 007
78 Silhouettes Sarah Jane  DOUBLE H WE 008

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