American. Dot was founded in 1950 by Randolph Wood, in Gallatin, Tennessee, as an extension of his Mail Order / Record Store business.  Wood started off recording R'n'B, Gospel and Country; he moved the company to Hollywood in 1956 and concentrated on straight Pop.  Dot became part of the Gulf + Western group in 1968.  It drifted towards Country music over the years, and was more or less exclusively a Country label when it was absorbed into ABC Records in 1974.  The label was discontinued in 1977 in the USA; it had bitten the dust in 1973 in Britain.   Dot appeared on these shores in the early 60s, with distribution by Pye and numbers in the DS-16000s; previously its products had been licensed by Decca and released on the London label, using a HLD prefix.  After its acquisition by Gulf + Western it was distributed by EMI, as were the other G + W labels.  The move prompted a change of label design and the introduction of a DOT-100 numerical series.  At some point in late 1971 or early 1972 the Paramount part of the logo disappeared from the label, though it remained on the company sleeve.  SLE 57 It looks as if this was to have been released as' DOT 144' but each title on the disc was subsequently released as an A side in their own right. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info.

72 Donna Fargo The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA DOT SLE 57


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