Independent label: Dork Records was A long-lived, but not very productive label from the North West. Dork was owned by Punk band The Stiffs, and its first two releases, 'Standard English' (UR-1; 1979), and 'Inside Out' (UR-2; 1980), both featured that band; 'Inside Out' was reissued on EMI's Zonophone / Stiffs label in May 1980, with the catalogue number Z-3. The label was dormant from 1981-84; it reawakened in 1985, releasing further singles by The Idol Rich (fronted by Phil Hendriks, lead singer with The Stiffs) and a couple of other local bands, Euro-K and Vicious Rumours. Catalogue numbers reached UR-8 before the operation shut down again. Dork was revived in 2006. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Stiffs Standart English DORK UR 1
79 Stiffs Inside Out DORK UR 2
84 Idol Rich Blaze Of Love DORK UR IDOL 3
84 Euro-K Action Man DORK UR OK 4
84 Vicious Rumours Rita DORK UR BOB 5
84 Mcidol Richie Sky Boat Song DORK UR RICH 6
85 Stiffs '85 The Young Guitars DORK UR 7
85 Vicious Rumours Look Don'T Touch DORK UR BOB 8

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