Don Pearce Entertainments Records may not qualify as a label, but as it was the only identification on a couple of singles by The Storytellers other than the title and artist, it seems fair to treat it as such.  'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' b/w 'Keep The Customer Satisfied' was actually a product of Beck Recording Studios, but the only clue to that is the matrix number in the run-off - DT-17 - which was one of a series used by that company.  There's no date on the label, either, but the year of release is given as 1972.  'Beautiful Sunday' b/w 'Love Story' is equally short on information.  It can be found in two forms.  One has a pale green label with a credit to Beck Studios and a catalogue number of BECK-42 on it.  The other has a matrix number of TOM-6, which may well refer to Derek Tompkins, the owner of Beck; it is in a style which indicates a British Homophone pressing.  'Beautiful Sunday' was a hit for Daniel Boone in April 1972, which suggests that the Storytellers' cover version may have been from not too long after that.  Don Pearce Entertainments record came out on a label called 'Melody Maid': it was a self-titled album by Born Free (SRTM/CUS-027).  In that particular case the recording was done at Porcupine Studios and the record was made through SRT. Distributed By Don Pearce Entertainments Records.

72 The Storytellers You Don't Have To Say You Love Me DON PEARCE ENTERTAINMENTS DT 17
73 The Storytellers Beautiful Sunday DON PEARCE ENTERTAINMENTS BECK 42

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