Independent label: Do It Records was started in 1977 by Robin Scott, Linda Witham and Max Tregoning; Scott moved on in 1979, leaving Max and Ian Tregoning to run the company.  Several of Do It's acts went on to find fame and fortune: Scott, who had recorded a single for the label under the alias of 'Comic Romance', joined MCA and scoring a No.2 as 'M' with 'Pop Muzik' (MCA-413; 1979); Adam & The Ants made several singles and an album for Do It before moving to CBS - their Do It singles charted in 1981-82, on the back of the band's CBS successes; and electronic dance band Yello made their first appearance in Britain on Do It before hitting the charts with Stiff and Mercury.  The label seems to have closed down in 1982, after reaching DUN-23 in its singles series. Distribution was initially by Lightning and later by Spartan; by the time of DUN-16 (1982) Virgin / CBS had taken over. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Method Kings On The Corner DO IT DUN 1
78 Roogalator Zero Hour DO IT DUN 2
78 Comic Romance Cry Myself To Sleep DO IT DUN 3
78 M Moderne Man DO IT DUN 4
78 Plytas Nick Your Dream Is A Dreamland DO IT DUN 5
78 Mark Kjeldsen  Are You Ready DO IT DUN 6
78 Again Again The Way We Were DO IT DUN 7
79 Adam Ant  Zerox DO IT DUN 8
78 Clifford Mataya Living Wild DO IT DUN 9
80 Ant Adam Cartrouble DO IT DUN 10
80 Yello Bimbo DO IT DUN 11
81 Mothmen Show Me Your House And Car DO IT DUN 12
81 Yello Bostich DO IT DUN 13
81 Mothmen Temptation DO IT DUN 14
81 Mayor Ronnie Can'T Wait Till Summer DO IT DUN 15
81 More Anthony World Service DO IT DUN 16
82 Everest The Hard Way Tightrope DO IT DUN 17
82 Yello She'S Got A Gun DO IT DUN 18
82 Mothmen Wadada DO IT DUN 19
81 Ant Adam Friends DO IT DUN 20
82 Dread Mikey Rocky Road DO IT DUN 21
82 More Anthony World Service DO IT DUN 22
82 Yello Pinball Cha Cha DO IT DUN 23
82 Dread Mikey Rub-A-Dub DO IT DUN 24

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