Independent label: DNS issued a handful of records in or around 1979. Four-track EPs of popular songs; typical custom pressing Numbering was slightly peculiar: the DNS prefix was followed by a number which seems to consist of the month of recording (or of issue) plus the last two digits of the year plus the actual number of the record.  Thus the Tini McKenna EP is DNS-47901, while a Tony Fellini EP from later in the year is numbered DNS-117907.  DNS-87903, 'Played Out Angel' by Leargo, appeared on the Motor City Rhythm label. The producer of the first EP was Norman Stagles, from whose initials the 'NS' in 'DNS' may well have been derived.  In 1978 Mr. Stagles appears to have been producing records at the Tank studios, in Warwick, which did custom recording, so perhaps DNS was a Tank offshoot. Unless he reads this, DNS's origins are likely to remain obscure and the question of whether or not there were any DNS releases in or after 1980 is likely to remain unanswered. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Miss Toni Mckenna  Don'T Cry For Me Argentina (Ep) DNS DNS 47901
79 Lee & Val Carter We Love Each Other (Album) DNS DNS 47902
79 Leargo Played Out Angel MOTOR CITY RHYTHM DNS 87903
79 Not Traced DNS DNS ?7904
79 Nite Rider Before The Next Teardrop Falls DNS DNS 97905
79 Not Traced DNS DNS ?7906
79 Tony Fellini  El Perompompero  DNS DNS 117907
79 Pete Boddis The Lady And The Drifter DNS 6879

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