The DJM label was started by publisher Dick James in 1969, after the demise of Page One Records - his joint venture with manager / producer Larry Page.  DJM registered an early Top 3 record with Mr. Bloe's 'Grooving With Mr. Bloe' (DJS-216; 1970), but the artist who sold most records for the company was undoubtedly Elton John, who had more than a dozen hit singles on that label during the period 1971-76.  After Elton departed, to his own Rocket Records, things quietened down for DJM.  The occasional single squeezed into the charts - for example a novelty record by Jasper Carrott in 1975, a couple of Disco efforts from Johnny 'Guitar' Watson in 1976-77, and a couple more from the RAH Band in 1980-81 - but the days of million-sellers were over.  Dick James died in 1986, and the label's catalogue was bought by PolyGram.  DJM records were handled by Pye from 1969-76; during this period they appeared in a DJS-200 numbering series, which evolved into the 300s and 400s before leaping from DJS-408 to DJS-600 around August 1975.  When CBS took over from Pye, in July 1976, the catalogue numbers gained a preliminary '10' but stayed in series - DJS-682 was followed by DJS-10683.  Some popular Pye-era singles were reissued with a '10' in front of their old catalogue numbers; for example DJS-297 reappeared as DJS-10297.  At the handover point the designs of the label and the company sleeve also changed.  By 1979 the black-and-yellow colouing had been reversed.  A green label, in the same design, was used on records by Irish band Horslips.  The Pye-era label with the yellow replaced by silver is rather unusual.  Pye Group promo singles generally had labels with a yellow-and-black colour scheme; for the most part DJM went along with this but towards the end a number of black-labelled ones were mixed in among the yellows.  During the Pye years DJM had a sister-label, Jam; after the move to CBS, several singles on the Weekend label shared DJM's numbering series.Thanks to Robert Lyons and Robert Bowes for the info.

73 John Elton Teacher I Need You  DJM DJS  X1
79  Horslips  Loneliness  DJM DJT 15001

72 John Elton Rocket Man DJM DJX 501
73 John Elton Saturday Night'S All Right For Fighting DJM DJX 502

76 John Elton Daniel DJM DJS 10275
76 John Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road DJM DJS 10285
76 John Elton Candle In The Wind DJM DJS 10297
76 John Elton Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds DJM DJS 10340
76 Carrott Jasper Funky Moped DJM DJS 10388
76 John Elton Island Girl DJM DJS 10610
76 John Elton Grow Some Funk Of Tour Own DJM DJS 10629
76 Inman John Teddy Bears Picnic DJM DJS 10645
76 John Elton Pinball Wizzard DJM DJS 10652
76 Woodward Edward Chances Are DJM DJS 10676
88 John Elton Crocodile Rock DJM DJS 10271
88 John Elton Daniel DJM DJS 10275
88 John Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road DJM DJS 10285
88 John Elton Step Into Christmas DJM DJS 10290
88 John Elton Candle In The Wind DJM DJS 10297
88 John Elton DonĀ“T Let The Sun Go Down On Me DJM DJS 10302
88 John Elton Bitch Is Back DJM DJS 10322
88 John Elton Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds DJM DJS 10340
88 John Elton Philadelphia Freedom DJM DJS 10354
88 John Elton Someone Saved My Life Tonight DJM DJS 10385
88 Freeman Dave California Freeway DJM DJS 10401
79 Elton John  Four From Four Eyes DJM DJR 18001
79 Jasper Carrott 12 Days Of Christmas (Unreleased) DJM DJR 18002
79 Village People San Francisco DJM DJR 18003
81 Music For Pleasure Fuel The Fire DJM RAGE 2

83 Sheila Walsh And Cliff Richard Drifting DJM SHEIL 1

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