DJ Promo Maxi records were never intended for sale; they were merely promotional tools, sent out to DJs to advertise new albums from the Phonogram group of labels. Some were Various Artists EPs, others were singles. Several tracks, such as Harvey Mandel's 'Uno Ino' (DJ-003 B) appeared as proper singles on one or other of the main labels - the case of that track, on Janus (6146-024). Numbering was in the DJ-000s, and it reached at least DJ-016.  For some reason records by Vertigo artists in the series appeared on the Vertigo label. DJ-005, a single split between Status Quo and Black Sabbath, is apparently very collectable and has been known to go for a three-figure sum. Early DJ Promo Maxi records seem to have had stickered white labels; mid-period ones had paper labels with a picture of a naked lady on them, while later ones were injection-moulded.  Some came in a 'company sleeve'.  As usual, the discography has some gaps in it. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Dianne Davidson Sympathy DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 001
72 Domenic Troiano The Answer DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 002
72 Ramsey Lewis Them Changes DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 003
73 Dianne Davidson Ain'T Gonna Be Treated This Way DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 004
73 Black Sabbath Children Of The Grave DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 005
73 Dale Hawkins Suzie Q DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 006
74 Howling Wolf Smokestack Lightning DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 007
74 Goldie Zelkowitz Easy Lady (My Oh My My Mama) DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 008
74 Not Traced DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 009
74 Rod Stewart Twistin' The Night Away DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 010
74 Not Traced DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 011
74 Sensational Alex Harvey Band Giddy Up A Ding Dong DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 012
74 Bachman-Turner Overdrive Yule Ain'T Seen Nothing Yet! DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 013
75 Don Covay Rumble In The Jungle DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 014
75 Not Traced DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 015
75 Jan Schaffer Dr Abraham DJ PROMO MAXI DJ 016

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