Diverse Records Records was a DIY label. It managed two singles. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Beyond The Implode and Diverse Records were both from Runcorn, Cheshire and formed by Eddie Smith AKA Eddie Cameron in order to release some songs he'd written as a limited edition privately pressed EP. It was cut at the Master Room in London and Pressed at Orlake record pressing plant in Dagenham. The band line-up was Eddie Smith [a.k.a. Eddie Cameron] (vocals, guitar), Frank Hughes (bass, 1979-1980), Ian Gardler (bass, guitar, 1979-1980), Mike Gardler (guitar, 1979), Keith O'Connell [a.k.a. Keith Discreet] (bass, 1980-81), Kev Shields (keyboards, 1980-81), Nick Evans (drums, 1980-81), Mark Brackley (saxophone, 1981), Marshall Parsons (guitar, 1981).

79 Beyond The Implode Last Thoughts DIVERSE  DIVE 101
80 Beyond The Implode Eleventh Hour Breakdown DIVERSE  DIVE 102

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