Disturbing Records was a DIY label. It managed one single only 1000 pressed in a Plain white sleeve most of which are hand stamped. It issued singles in an DRO-0 numerical series. The Dregs was formed in London in 1978 as 'The Disturbed" but were forced to change their name to "The Dregs" in early 1979 after another band had the same name. This other band had just been signed to Parole records and had released 'I don't believe' backed with 'Betrayed' in July of that year.So 'The Dregs' booked a local studio and recorded five tracks. Four of which would end up on their debut release in September of 1979 on their newly formed record label "Disturbing Records" in homage to their original name. The Dregs Line-up was Steve Templeman - Vocals & Guitar, Mark Templeman - Guitar, Peter Danyliw - Guitar Martin Keogh - Bass, Keith Turner - Drums. Distributed By Disturbing Records.

77 Dregs The Dregs (Ep) DISTUBING DRO 1

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