Independent label from the Norwich area, owned by David Henderson.  Dining Out started out in 1979, and seems to have first been involved with an EP on the Z.I.P. label by the Twilight Zoners; its first release without the Z.I.P. connection was The Adicts', 'Lunch With The Adicts' EP (TUX-1); The Insex's 'Inner Sanction' (TUX-3) seems to have been the label's only other release in the '70s. On records other than those by the Twilight Zoners numbering was in a TUX-0 series. The numbers reached at least TUX-22 before the label closed down, which it did in 1982, but several appear not to have been issued. Distributers - Stage One and IKF. Dining Out Records Former Address: 452 Fulham Road London SW 6. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Adicts Lunch With The Adicts [Ep] DINING OUT TUX 1
80 Disco Zombies Here Comes The Buts DINING OUT TUX 2
80 Insex Inner Sanction DINING OUT TUX 3
81 Occult Chemistry Water Earth Fire Air DINING OUT TUX 4
81 Fifty Fantastics God'S Got Religion [Re-Issue] DINING OUT TUX 5
81 Sinatras Happy Feeling DINING OUT TUX 6
81 Club Tango Performance DINING OUT TUX 7
81 Not Issued DINING OUT TUX 8
81 Disco Zombies  Drums Over London DINING OUT TUX 9
81 Sinatras  Happy Feeling DINING OUT TUX 10
81 Flips Sherry Schizo DINING OUT TUX 11
81 Disco Zombies  Where Have You Been DINING OUT TUX 12
81 Normil Hawaiians The Beat Goes On [ Ep ] DINING OUT TUX 13
81 New Age Jane Fonda DINING OUT TUX 14
81 Club Tango F.T.N. DINING OUT TUX 15
81 Sinatras Seeing Comes Before Words DINING OUT TUX 16
82 Kan Kan Changing Trains DINING OUT TUX 17
82 New Age Amazed DINING OUT TUX 18
82 Farmlife Susie'S Party DINING OUT TUX 19
82 Swinging Laurels A Taste Of Bang Bang Is Anybody There DINING OUT TUX 20
82 Behaviour Red Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke DINING OUT TUX 21
82 Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor Is All I Need DINING OUT TUX 22
2012 Various Artists Cheap Tricks In A Box (CD) DINING OUT TUX 23
82 Spit Like Paint For The Life Of Me DINING OUT TUX 24
79 Twilight Zoners  Zero Zero One DINING OUT ZIP 1
80 Twilight Zoners  Brighton Rock DINING OUT ZIP 2

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