Independent label: Dingles was a Folk Music label from Edgware. It was owned by Roger and Helen Holt, and was named after their folk club. It issued its first record in 1976, a various artists album entitled 'Dingle's Regatta' (DIN-301), and concentrated on LPs for the first three years of its existence. The success of the undeniably catchy 'Daytrip to Bangor' by Fiddlers Dram (SID-211; 11/79) seems to have prompted the Holts to turn their attention to singles as well, and and over the course of the next eleven years at least twenty-three more were issued, in a numerical series starting at SID-221. Most disappeared without leaving much trace, but one of them hit the Charts: Tony Capstick's 'The Sheffield Grinder', which was successful largely on the strength of its other side, the humorous 'Capstick Comes Home' (SID-227; 3/81). Numbers from SID-201 to 210 and from 212 to 220 appear not to have been used.  The injection-moulded label was pressed in France, it was probably a response to the unexpected demand generated when the Fiddler's Dram record was a hit. Distribution in the early '80s was by Spartan. Dingles records former address: 322 Whitchurch Lane Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 6QX.  TIG 001 was an SRT custom pressing SRT cat number was SRT4KS302. Only 1000 copies were pressed, but only 400 were ever sold (the rest copies were destroyed in 2004).  Fiddler's Dram were a British folk band of the late 1970s. They are mainly known for their hit single, "Day Trip to Bangor (Didn't We Have a Lovely Time)" (1979). Dave Arbus, violinist with East of Eden, was a founder member but left long before the band achieved success.The full-time members of the band were drawn from a group of musicians at the University of Kent at Canterbury and members of Duke's Folk Club in Whitstable. Cathy Lesurf - vocals, bodhran, Alan Prosser - guitar, fiddle, bowed psaltery, bones, Chris Taylor - bouzouki, harmonica, appalachian dulcimer, mandola, tenor banjo, Ian Telfer - fiddle, bowed psaltery, viola, English Concertina. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Fiddler'S Dram Day Trip To Bangor DINGLES SID 211
80 Fiddler'S Dram Dancing In DINGLES SID 221
80 Gentleman Gerald The Wimbledon Song DINGLES SID 222
81 Gentleman Gerald Anyone For Tennis DINGLES SID 222
80 Ar Log Carmarthan Oak DINGLES SID 224
81 Fiddler'S Dram Black Hole DINGLES SID 225
80 Kirkpatrick John Jogging Along With Me Raindeer DINGLES SID 226
81 Capstick Tony Capstick Comes Home DINGLES SID 227
81 Hollow Ken Bring Her Back Home To Me DINGLES SID 228
81 Stephens Sam & Anne Don'T Dilly Dally DINGLES SID 229
81 Grundy Eddie Lambs To The Slaughter DINGLES SID 230
81 Fiddler'S Dram Little Ray Of Sunshine DINGLES SID 231
81 Gary & Vera Aspey Don'T Get Married Girls DINGLES SID 232
82 Bayoy Brothers You'Ve Got Away With It DINGLES SID 233
82 Aspeys Come On Home DINGLES SID 234
83 Andrews Harvey Me Mom DINGLES SID 235
83 St Clair Isla Still No Sign DINGLES SID 236
84 Ivey Lee & Five Cents Older Woman DINGLES SID 237
86 Wurzels All Fall Down DINGLES SID 238
87 Qed Yuppie Song DINGLES SID 239
88 Pearson Chris Let Me Be Your Sunny Day DINGLES SID 240
87 Qed Santa'S Going To Miss Christmas DINGLES SID 241
89 Jerome Mike I Wanna Be A Toy Boy DINGLES SID 242
89 Qed Sunny Days DINGLES SID 243
90 Qed Captain Pugwash DINGLES SID 244
90 Jerome Mike I'Ve Gone And Lost DINGLES SID 245
81 Tony Capstick  Capstick Comes Home DINGLES SID 27
84 Black Fantasy Evil Places  DINGLES TIG 001

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