Independent label: Dindisc (often rendered DinDisc) was a UK record label, an imprint of Virgin Records but operated semi-independently, which issued new releases from mid-1979 through early 1982. It is no longer active, but CD reissues on Virgin still mention the label and have Dindisc catalogue numbers. The imprint was founded and run by Carol Wilson. Many of the company's sleeves were designed by the in-house designer Peter Saville. Saville had started at Factory Records. The label ceased operations after the release of Hot Gossip's "I Don't Depend On You" (DIN-39) in February 1982, after Wilson failed to obtain a shareholding. The dissolution of Dindisc led to Saville and Brett Wickens establishing their own studio, Peter Saville Associates.It issued singles in an DIN-0 numerical series. Din Disc Records Former Address: 61-63 Portobello Road London W11 3DD. Distributed By Virgin Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Revillo'S Where'S The Boy For Me SNATZO DIN 1
79 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Electricity DINDISC DIN 2
79 Campbell Duggie Enough To Make You Mine DINDISC DIN 3
79 Martha & The Muffins Insect Love DINDISC DIN 4
80 Rezillos Motorbike Beat SNATZO DIN 5
80 Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark Red Frame White Light DINDISC DIN 6
80 Brians My Brothers Famous DINDISC DIN 7
80 Bardi Blaise Slide DINDISC DIN 8
80 Martha & The Muffins Echo Beach DINDISC DIN 9
80 Dedringer Sunday Drivers DINDISC DIN 10
80 Dedringer Innocent Till Proven Guilty DINDISC DIN 11
80 Dedringer Direct Line DINDISC DIN 12
80 Laura Warman Impossible To Love You  DINDISC DIN 13
80 Name Forget Art Let'S Dance DINDISC DIN 14
80 Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark Messages DINDISC DIN 15
80 Revillos Scuba Scuba SNATZO DIN 16
80 Martha & The Muffins Saigon DINDISC DIN 17
80 Monochrome Set Strange Boutique DINDISC DIN 18
80 Martha & The Muffins About Insomnia DINDISC DIN 19
80 Revillos Hungry For Love SNATZO DIN 20
80 Martha And The Muffins Suburban Dream DINDISC DIN 21
80 Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark Enola Gay DINDISC DIN 22
81 Monochrome Set 405 Lines DINDISC DIN 23
81 Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark Souvenir DINDISC DIN 24
81 Carolinne Beale Lack Of Money DINDISC DIN 25
81 Monochrome Set Apocalypse DINDISC DIN 26
81 Martha & Muffins Was Ezo DINDISC DIN 27
81 Nash The Slash Deadman'S Curve DINDISC DIN 28
81 Nash The Slash 19Th Nervous Breakdown DINDISC DIN 29
81 Modern Eon Euthenics DINDISC DIN 30
81 Modern Eon Child'S Play/Visionary DINDISC DIN 31
81 Ladly Martha Finlandia DINDISC DIN 32
81 Nash The Slash Novel Romance DINDISC DIN 33
81 Martha & Muffins Woman Around The World DINDISC DIN 34
81 Modern Eon Mechanic DINDISC DIN 35
81 Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark Joan Of Arc DINDISC DIN 36
81 Hot Gossip Criminal World DINDISC DIN 37
81 Hot Gossip Soul Warfare DINDISC DIN 38
81 Hot Gossip I Don'T Depend On You DINDISC DIN 39
82 Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark Maid Of Orleans DINDISC DIN 40
80 Martha And The Muffins Indecision DINDISC DIP 1
80 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Introducing Radios DINDISC DIP 2

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