Independent label: Different records appeared in two different colour schemes: silver-on-pink one, and, from HAVE-15 onwards, a more legible black-on-pink one. The label was set up by Lynton Guest, once of the band Love Affair, in 1977; he is reported to have sold it to Charisma in 1982 after he became too ill to keep an interest in it. Some of the material on Different originally appeared on labels in Rupert Cunningham's 'Tropical' labels family, which may well indicate that he had some involvement with Different. The label's output seems to have lived up to its name, ranging from Reggae to choral recordings of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' and the New Seekers' 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing'.  If catalogue numbers are anything to go by, it would seem to have put out at least twenty singles, in a HAVE-0 numerical series. Not all the numbers were used.  Numbers 1, 5 and 7 were 12" singles, and had a 'HAVE D' prefix. Different independent manufacturer were responsible for the pressings, a few singles have been Decca pressings. Distribution was by Selecta. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Jayes  Truly ‎(12")    DIFFERENT HAVE D 1
78 Not Traced DIFFERENT HAVE 2
78 Not Traced DIFFERENT HAVE 3
78 Griffiths Marcia  Question  DIFFERENT HAVE 4
78 Earth & Stone  Back To Africa ‎(12")    DIFFERENT HAVE D 5
78 Earth & Stone   Raindrops DIFFERENT HAVE 6
78 Abyssinians  I And I ‎(12")    DIFFERENT HAVE D 7
78 Not Traced DIFFERENT HAVE 8
78 Immigrant & Zapu Choir  One World DIFFERENT HAVE 9
78 Jane Austin Wear A Smile DIFFERENT HAVE 10
78 Not Traced DIFFERENT HAVE 11
78 Austrian Richard Blue Danube Boogie DIFFERENT BLUE 12
79 Tina I Wanna Be Loved By You DIFFERENT HAVE 13
79 Not Traced DIFFERENT HAVE 14
79 St Paul'S Cathedral Choir My Way DIFFERENT HAVE 15
79 Austin Jayne High On Your Love DIFFERENT HAVE 16
79 Rikki & Cufflinks Nervous Breakdown DIFFERENT HAVE 17
79 Abyssinians  Declaration Of Rights  DIFFERENT HAVE 18
79 Not Traced DIFFERENT HAVE 19
79 Boys Of St Paul'S Cathedral Choir I'D Like To Teach The World To Sing DIFFERENT HAVE 20

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