Diebohit Records was a DIY label. Diebohit appears to have been the label of Diebohit Recording Promotions Ltd; the company took its name from, and was owned by, A. J. Diebo Green, who features on what appears to have been the labels' only release, a single entitled 'While You Do Your Thing'.  The 'A' side of the single, which is a soulful Pop sort of song with female vocals, was credited to The Sex Pots Led By Diebo Green And His Dynamites; the organ-led instrumental 'Wedding Stone' on the 'B' had no Sex Pot involvement. The catalogue number was DH-01, and the date of issue 1972; the pressing looks like an Orlake one. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Sex Pots Led By Diebo Green & His Dynamites While You Do Your Thing DIEBOHIT DH 01

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