Diy Record label: The Devon Coast Country Club was a sports-orientated holiday camp in Paignton. During the Second World War it was used to house Prisoners of War; normal service was resumed after the war, and it kept on entertaining holidaymakers until at least the mid '80s. At some point in its existence it issued an EP by Stuart Eddy, who, along with his band, was presumably one of the resident entertainers at the camp. The EP was numbered 001; There isn't a date on the label, but the West of England Sound studios, where the tracks were recorded, seem to have been most active on the vinyl front in the first half of the '70s, so it's not unlikely that the EP dates from that period.  The material on it is mostly Trad Jazz, with one Latin track. The Devon Coast Country Club was a Butlins-style holiday camp at Smallcombe Road in Paignton, Devon. The camp was open in 1947. By the 1970’s holiday camp attendances were falling due to changes in public taste and competition from cheap package holidays to the Costa del Sol places abroad. In the 1970’s the Devon Coast Country Club were bought over by Ladbroke Holidays and changed hadns again when sold on to the Shearing Coach Holidays company. By the 1990’s Shearing’s had decided to close the camp and by July 1994 planning permission was published to redvelop the camp site. The holiday camp was closed in October 1994 and a housing estate built there. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Stuart Eddy Small Hotel (Ep) DEVON COAST COUNTRY CLUB No. 001

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