Independent label Folk label from Derry Northern Ireland founded in 1972. Derry seems to have operated from 1972 until at least 1989, but it doesn't appear to have been all that prolific on the singles front, The earliest was 'London's Derry' b/w 'Man From The Daily Mail' by The Blackthorn (JAN-3072; 1973), the Wolfhound record 'Provie Lullaby' b/w 'My Mary Of The Curling Hair' (JAN-3074; 1973), I would imagine that there are others which haven't surfaced as yet, JAN-3073 being the obvious gap. Presumably the catalogue number of the Blackthorn record commemorates 'Bloody Sunday', the date of which was January 30th 1972.  That particular single was pressed in the Repblic of Ireland, according to its label. Albums were mostly numbered in a DBL / SDBL-500 series; the highest was SDBL-527.  The material on Derry appears to have been traditional Irish Folk, of a Republican nature. Reportedly the label was set up in an atmosphere of secrecy after the owner of Outlet Records was gunned down by Loyalists in 1973 for issuing records of that nature. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Not Traced DERRY JAN  3071
73 The Blackthorn Londons' Derry DERRY JAN  3072
73 Unknown Ballad of John Pat Mullen / Ballad of Hugh Heron  DERRY JAN  3073
73 Wolfhound Provie Lullaby  DERRY JAN  3074

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