Delgado Records was Primarily a book-publishing company, Delgado made at least one Record an EP of poems by Patience Strong. Strong was famous for her uplifting poetry, which appeared in the 'Daily Mirror' and 'Woman's Own' for decades.  Her EP, 'Happy Birthday' (PSR-1), featured her reciting ten poems to a background of classical pieces by Grieg, Handel, Bach, Mendelssohn and Samuel Wesley, played on the organ of Guildford Cathedral.  A similar collection, 'The Quiet Hour', had been released on LP in 1963 and had proved popular enough to be reissued twice: it can be found on Society (SOC-956), Fidelity (FID-2170) and Boulevard (4075).  There is no date on the 'Happy Birthday' EP but it has a '70s look to it, Pressing was by CBS. The EP came in a gatefold birthday card. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Patience Strong   Happy Birthday DELGADO PSR 1

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