From 1965 until at least 1971 material from various Walt Disney productions was made available by several companies in the form of 7" singles, which were generally given away free or in exchange for tokens.   These records were numbered in a DIS-0 series, which reached at least DIS-8.  Companies which took advantage of this form of promotion included margarine manufacturers Summer County (twice); makers of paper plates, cups and so forth Deeko;  cheese spread manufacturers Milkana; and Rotadraw, the makers of a popular art toy for children.  The records seem to have generally been provided with special sleeves, as can be seen in the examples shown.  The fourth record in the series was different to the others: it was made by Walt Disney themselves and was a promotional record for their new film, 'The Happiest Millionaire'.  The Acker Bilk single pictured , 'Everybody Wants To Be A Cat' b/w 'Thomas O' Malley Cat' (DIS-6; 1970), was pressed was by EMI, while the Billy Cotton was a British Homophone pressing.  The discography below lists the Disney custom pressings so far; several gaps remain to be filled. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

65 Billy Cotton And His Band Walt Disney's Mary Poppins SUMMER COUNTY DIS 1
65 Billy Cotton And His Band Walt Disney's Peter Pan SUMMER COUNTY DIS 2
67 The Jack Halloran Singers  Follow Me Boys / The Happy Wanderer  MILKANA MAID DIS 3
67 Tommy Steele  The Happiest Millionaire" / Fortuosity  WALT DISNEY DIS 4
69 Not Traced WALT DISNEY DIS 5
70 Mr. Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band Thomas O'Malley Cat DEEKO DIS 6
70 Not Traced WALT DISNEY DIS 7
71 Original Soundtrack Thomas O'Malley Cat Rotadraw DIS 8

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