Independent label: Decimal Records. Managed one singles a single by Brian Rossi, 'If You Knew' b/w 'Danny Boy', appears to have been Decimal Records only release.  Its catalogue number, PGB-101, suggests that the label may have belonged to the producer of the record, Philip Brooke. The style of the matrix numbers points to a Pye pressing. Brian Rossi (born Brendan Rosebotham) had been the lead singer of a Northern Irish band called 'The Wheels' (a.k.a. The Wheel-A-Ways') which came to England in the mid '60s and made a trio of now-collectable singles for Columbia. Brian left the band and pursued a successful career as a cabaret artist in the Blackpool area; the material on his record has a distinct Cabaret feel to it.  There's no date on the single, but the changeover to decimal currency took place in 1971 and the word 'decimal' was a hot one at that time. In addition there's a handwritten '71' ('Mar. 71'?) next to the artist's autograph on the 'B' side label, so 1971 seems like a reasonable bet. Distributed By Decimal Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Brian Rossi If You Knew' b/w Danny Boy DECIMAL PGB 101

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