December Songs Records was a DIY label. And a Neasden-based publishing company.  December Songs released two singles, both of which were by Tony Paiton.  'Love Me' (DSS-45; 6/78) was manufactured and distributed by Pye, with marketing by Plastic Fantastic, while 'Here I Am' (DSS-46; 1979) appears to have been mastered by Pye but was manufactured in France and handled by Spartan.   Neither single is commonly met-with.  Paiton went on to make at least two more singles, in 1988-89, on the Ellorac label, which apparently sold in greater numbers - there tend to be a few of them on sales sites.  According to an advert in Billboard of the 25th of March 1978, lyricist Michael Todd and singer / songwriter Ray Williams were also with the company; Williams had had several records out on the Vasko label . Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Tony Paiton  Love Me DECEMBER SONG DSS 45
80 Tony Paiton  Here I Am DECEMBER SONG DSS 46

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