Independent Reggae label was owned and run by Dennis Brown. DEB (the label name), are the initials of Dennis Emmanuel Brown. Deb Music seems to have started operations in 1977.  As well as putting singles out independently the company issued at least three 7" records through EMI in 1979: two in a DBR-100 series, another with the catalogue number RIC-103. The RIC-100 numerical series which was shared by several other Reggae labels as well as Deb Music: Matumbi, Arawak, More Cut, Taxi and Radic. Deb continued to release records into the '80s, after leaving EMI: it reached DEB-112 in May 1983. Distributed By EMI Records. DEB Music Records Former address: 79 Battersea Rise, London SW11. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Floyd Bobby  Rainbow Sky  DEB MUSIC DEB 001
77 Andy Bob  War In The City DEB MUSIC DEB 002
77 Brown Dennis  My Time DEB MUSIC DEB 003
77 Brown Dennis  Someone Special DEB MUSIC DBR 101
77 Brown Dennis  Wolf And Leopards  DEB MUSIC DBR 102
79 15, 16, 17  Baby Love  DEB MUSIC RIC 103
77 Shy Tony  Bad Mind & Grudgful  DEB MUSIC BA 1001
79 Junior Delgado  Tiction  DEB MUSIC TIC 1001

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