Independent label: Dead Good Records was New Wave label, based in Lincoln, Dead Good issued its first single, 'Eighteen' by X-S Energy (DEAD-1), in 1979.  Under the guidance of Martin Patton and Andy Stevenson it outdid many of its contemporaries by surviving into 1980, and it reached at least DEAD-17 in its singles series, though several numbers appear not to have been used. Artists appearing on the label included the Pseudo Existors, the Whizz Kids and the Mud Hutters. Some early singles had a rather plain label, which came in yellow and red; DEAD-2 had a rather DIY appearance. At least two of the singles had a label with all the credits on on one side and a picture label on the other, the Rich Wilde single being an example. Dstribution seems to have been handled by Pinnacle or One Stop. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Xs Energy Eighteen DEAD GOOD DEAD 1
79 Pseudo Existors Pseudo Existors DEAD GOOD DEAD 2
79 Xs Energy Use You DEAD GOOD DEAD 3
79 Not Issued DEAD GOOD DEAD 4
79 Rich Wilde The Lady Wants To Be Alone DEAD GOOD DEAD 5
79 Whizz Kids P.A.Y.E. DEAD GOOD DEAD 6
79 Suspect No.1  Success DEAD GOOD DEAD 7
80 Vye Five Hours Til Midnight DEAD GOOD DEAD 8
80 B-Movie Nowhere Girl [ Ep ] DEAD GOOD DEAD 9
80 Cigarettes Can'T Sleep At Night DEAD GOOD DEAD 10
80 Tiger Lily Monkey Jive DEAD GOOD DEAD 11
80 B-Movie Nowhere Girl 12" Ep DEAD GOOD DEAD 12
80 Not Issued DEAD GOOD DEAD 13
80 Sinking Ships The Cinema Clock DEAD GOOD DEAD 14
80 Not Issued DEAD GOOD DEAD 15
80 Not Issued DEAD GOOD DEAD 16
80 Amber Squard Can We Go Dancing DEAD GOOD DEAD 17
91 B-Movie The Fool  DEAD GOOD CHEAP 1TF

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