Independent label: Deacon was primarily concerned with the 'budget priced album' market. It issued around eighty albums during the three years of its existence, 1970-72; some contained original recordings, others re-recordings of hits of the time.   'Pick Of The Pops Vol. 4' (DEA-1015) was notable in that it featured a not-yet-famous Elton John singing on several tracks. Four tracks from that album were issued as an EP, 'Top Of The Pops Vol. 2' (DEA-5023; 1970). There may well not have been a 'Vol. 1': several volumes were omitted from the 'Pick Of The Pops' series, so the company had previous 'form' in that area. The only other numbers in the DEA-5000 series, 5001, 5002 and 5003, which were LPs of children's stories. Deacon made at least one other 7" record, however: an anonymous promotional Single sided disc used to promote Bingo at Top Rank clubs entitled 'Let's Play Bingo'. It had no catalogue number, and it appeared in 1971. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Various Artists Top Of The Pops Vol 2 DEACON DEA 5023
71 No Artist Listed Let's Play Bingo  DEACON No Cat Number

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