Independent Studio label: De Lane Lea Music Centre Records. In 1969 the company De Lane Lea consisted of a film post production studio and the music recording studio in Kingsway. Both had been highly successful and Kingsway recording studios had become one of the top places to record rock. The studio was managed by Dave Siddle  and with the recording of artists including The Animals, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix , he was seen as the person to undertake the building of a new music complex that would bring their current business under one roof and expand. De Lane Lea's parent group BET owned land in Wembley that had originally been the site of the 1924 British Empire Exhibition. The studio was built over the top of what was originally an ornamental boating lake. De Lane Lea Music Centre or The Music Centre as it  became was the first purpose built recording studio in the UK, ( built from scratch, not in a converted building) constructed to such a size that it would be able to handle work from rock bands up to the largest orchestras for film scores. It took two years to complete the build. The studio was located in 129 Kingsway Holborn, London, before it was relocated to Wembley, London, in 1971. It also was known as Kingsway Studios before this change. Engineers known to have worked here Lou Austin 

72 The Sovereign Collection Rolling In Love DE LANE LEA MUSIC CENTRE No Cat Number

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