Independent label: DCS Records Historic Productions was based in Worsley, Manchester, and in Cockpen, Bonnyrigg, near Edinburgh.  The company's main business seems to have been the organizing of mediaeval banquets at various historic sites, but it put out a series of records which were presumably intended as souvenirs of those occasions.  Most of the records were LPs, which were numbered in the HPL-0s.  HPL-1 was 'Dalhousie Castle By Candlelight' by the Court of Dalhousie, while HPL-2, which came out in 1975,  featured The Dalhousie Singers and was called 'Melodie At Dalhousie Castle'.  Catalogue numbers reached at least HPL-09, a 1980 album of singers at Coombe Abbey.  The record which qualified the label for this site, however, was another Dalhousie Castle one: a single featuring 'This Is Our Land' by The Courte Singers with the Heraldic Trumpets of the Royal Highland Fusiliers.  The trumpeters were absent from the 'B' side, which was 'The Wee Humpy Fiddler'.  As can be seen, the single was numbered DCS-101 and it was issued in 1978.  The label design strongly suggests a product of Craighall Studios, of Edinburgh - see 'T.D. (Craighall Studios)'.  There's no company identity on the labels, but there is on the LP sleeves.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 The Courte Singers This Is Our Land DCS DCS 101

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