DCA appears to have been a one-off label. A single called 'Disco Calypso' by White Magic. Had a catalogue number of DD-001.  There's no date on the label, but the vendor had it listed as 1976, which isn't impossible.  The song isn't especially discoish or calypsoey, despite the presence of hissing cymbals: it's urgent Pop / Rock with some jazzy saxophone.  There's a guitar-led instrumental version on the reverse.  A single with the same title appeared in 1981, by Hot Cuisine on the Kaleidoscope label (KRLA-1661), but the writer credit on that was given to Hot Cuisine and the producer was Biddu, so the two songs don't have any obvious connection.  'Biskop & Co.' is mentioned on the label of this one, but the only company of that name is a firm of ship's chandlers based in Belvedere, Kent.  I suppose it's possible that they may have sponsored the record, but it's a long shot.  Pressing was by Orlake. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 White Magic Disco Calypso  DCA DD 001

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