Independent American label: Daybreak Records appears to have specialised in Jazz, of the the more middle-of-the-road kind: its artists included Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra Jr, and Nelson Riddle, and it operated from 1971 to.73.  In Britain, Daybreak issued around a dozen albums, initially through Polydor, latterly through Pye, the change of manufacturer / distributor was accompanied by a change of label colour.  It seems to have released only a handful of singles over here: there were at least two in the Polydor era, numbered in the 2111-000s, and there were two more in the Pye days. The Pye issues both featured Crosby; they came out in 1973, and had catalogue numbers in the DAS-400s.  John Laws's 'Comin' After Jinny' (2111-002; 1972) was a kind of Country and Western song, with a twist in the lyrics. Distributed By Polydor and Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Bing Crosby  A Time To Be Jolly DAYBREAK 2111 001
72 John Lawn Comin' After Jinny DAYBREAK 2111 002
73 Bing Crosby And The Count Basie Orchestra Gonna Build A Mountain DAYBREAK DAS 401
73 Bing Crosby  Tie A Yellow Ribbon DAYBREAK DAS 402

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