The second Daybreak label of the 1970s was a short-lived Christian concern from Worthing.  It appears to have managed just two albums and a single, all of them in 1979.  The albums were 'Free At Last' by the Majestic Singers (BD-2601) and Dunamis's 'I Can Fly' (DB-2602).  The single featured two tracks from the latter, 'I Can Fly' and 'Jesus', the artists' name being changed to Dunamis Roadshow for some reason.  Its catalogue number was similar to that of the album but with an added 'S' - DBS-2602.  The music on it was devotional Pop / Rock, with harmony vocals, and the lyrics are of the 'When our God of Love comes all you sinners will be in the mire' variety.  Both albums were produced by Les Moir, who went on to work for prominent Christian company Kingsway and was responsible for introducing the successful Survivor label.  Daybreak's address, Grafton Road, was the same as that of publishers H.E. Walter Ltd, who specialized in Christian material; it seems not unlikely that there was a connection between the two companies. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Majestic Singers Free At Last DAYBREAK DBS 2601
79 Dunamis Roadshow I Can Fly DAYBREAK DBS 2602

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