The Progressive label of Pye Records.  All the major companies had labels which were dedicated to 'serious' music; Dawn was Pye's answer to Harvest, Vertigo, Neon and the like.  It offered a broad spectrum of music, from the Modern Jazz of Trio to the Folk of Prelude, by way of the Prog Rock of Irish band Fruup, but with the exception of several hit singles and LPs by Jug / Rock 'n' Roll band Mungo Jerry it failed to sell many records.  Dawn started out in 1969; for a while it experimented with thirty-three-and-a-third rpm EPs, but the experiment was abandoned fairly swiftly, leaving the company to devote its energies to the LP and single formats.  There were some recognizable names on the label: Donovan recorded for it, as did Atomic Rooster, John Kongos and David McWilliams, all of whom had had Chart successes; sadly, they failed to repeat that success for Dawn.  Before it expired, in 1975, Dawn notched up one Top 30 hit with Prelude's, 'After The Goldrush' (DNS-1052; 1973), and eight by Mungo Jerry, including two No.1s: 'In The Summertime' (DNX-2502; 1970) and 'Baby Jump' (DNX-2505; 1971).  Singles were numbered in a DNS-1000 numerical series, EPs on a DNX-2500 one.  Two different label designs were used: the first appeared in several different colours; it was replaced c.1974 with a rather more eye-catching one complete with company sleeve. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. Manufactured And Distributed By Pye Records.

70 Cooper Mike Your Lovely Ways DAWN DNX 2501
70 Mungo Jerry In The Summertime DAWN DNX 2502
70 Titus Groan Open The Door DAWN DNX 2503
70 Demon Fuzz I Put A Spell On You DAWN DNX 2504
71 Mungo Jerry Baby Jump DAWN DNX 2505
71 Comus Diana DAWN DNX 2506
71 Atlantic Bridge I Can'T Lie To You DAWN  DNX 2507
71 Brett Paul Reason For Askin' DAWN DNS 2508
71 Heron Bye And Bye DAWN DNX 2509
71 Mungo Jerry Lady Rose DAWN DNX 2510
71 Cooper Mike Too Late Now DAWN DNX 2511
71 Bronx Cheer Barrel House Player DAWN  DNX 2512
71 Mungo Jerry You Don'T Have To Be In The Army DAWN DNX 2513
72 Mungo Jerry Open Up DAWN DNX 2514
72 Mungo Jerry My Girl And Me DAWN DNX 2515
70 Mungo Jerry In The Summertime DAWN 7N 2502
71 Mungo Jerry Baby Jump DAWN 7N 2505
71 Mungo Jerry Lady Rose DAWN 7N 2510
71 Mungo Jerry You Don't Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War DAWN 7N 2513
Mungo Jerry Open Up DAWN 7N 2514

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