Independent label: David Kent & The Remarks appear to have put out just the one record, a presumably self-financed EP featuring versions of 'Amarillo' and the Club / Cabaret staple 'My Way' as well as a 'Country Style Medley' and a 'Folk Style Medley'. The catalogue / matrix number was VEN-104; presumably VENs 101 to 103 are out there somewhere, with their original labels.  Also in the run-off is the number 2270, which suggests that a company called Sound Manufacturing was responsible for the pressing.  This EP may have been made in 1978.  The same EP had come out previously, in 1972, credited to Len Kramer's Remarks - see 'Remarks' - so perhaps this was a re-branding of a re-pressing.  The sleeve of that EP lists the band members and doesn't make any reference to David Kent; the labels credit Dave Thacker with vocals on 'My Way', whereas here David Kent is credited.  Fortunately, Johanne Bowhay, Dave Thacker's niece, has been kind enough to write in and say that he took over the band and changed his stage name to David Kent; after that point old stocks of the EP were given stickers with the new credits on them.  She added that David retired from the music business when he was in his late '70s and that he is still (2018) alive and well and living in Bexley, aged 87.   Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced DAVID KENT VEN 101
78 Not Traced DAVID KENT VEN 102
78 Not Traced DAVID KENT VEN 103
78 David Kent & The Remark Amarillo (Ep) DAVID KENT VEN 104

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