Independent label: Dark Horse Records was George Harrison's record company. Dark Horse was founded in 1974, George Harrison himself he was under contract elsewhere at the time of launch, and was unable to issue his own recordings on Dark Horse until 1976. The label was handled by A & M in Britain until a falling-out and a lawsuit prompted a move to WEA. Initially A & M-era singles shared an AMS-7000 numerical series with those of the parent company. In early 1975 they were given an AMS-5500 series of their own. Singles from the WEA years shared a K-17000 series with those of Warner Brothers. Such Chart success as Dark Horse enjoyed was mainly down to records by George Harrison, though Splinter were the first artists to get the label into the Singles Chart, with 'Costafine Town' (AMS-7135; 1974).  From 1979 the label seems to have become merely a vehicle for Harrison's own records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Shankar Family And Friends I Am Missing You DARK HORSE AMS 7133
74 Splinter Costafine Town DARK HORSE AMS 7135
75 Splinter Drink All Day DARK HORSE AMS 5501
75 Splinter China Light DARK HORSE AMS 5502
75 Splinter Which Way Will I Get Home DARK HORSE AMS 5503
76 Attitudes Ain'T Love Enough DARK HORSE AMS 5504
76 Stairsteps From Us To You DARK HORSE AMS 5505
76 Splinter Half Way There DARK HORSE AMS 5506
76 Stairsteps Pasado DARK HORSE AMS 5507
76 Attitudes Sweet Summer Music DARK HORSE AMS 5508
76 George Harrison  This Sonng DARK HORSE K 16856
77 George Harrison  True Love DARK HORSE K 16896
77 George Harrison  What You Value DARK HORSE K 16967
78 Splinter Round And Round DARK HORSE K 17009
77 Splinter New York City DARK HORSE K 17116
79 George Harrison  Love Comes To Everyone DARK HORSE K 17284
79 George Harrison  Blow Away DARK HORSE K 17327
79 George Harrison  Faster DARK HORSE K 17423
81 George Harrison  All Those Years Ago DARK HORSE K 17807
81 George Harrison  Teardrops DARK HORSE K 17837

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