Independent label: Dansan Records was One of Britain's premier Strict Tempo Dancing labels. Dansan Records was owned by Tommy Sanderson, and appears to have lasted from 1978 until at least 1986.  It issued more than seventy albums during the course of its existence, It would appear from their catalogue numbers that LPs, singles and EPs alike generally shared a common '000' numbering, with different prefixes for different formats: singles were prefixed 'SDS', EPs 'DSEP', and albums 'DS'. There does, however, seem to have been a short-lived DSEP-500 series for EPs. Dansan Records Theatreland Ltd. Former Address: 14, Soho St. Oxford St, London W1V6Hb. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Bryan Smith And His International Orchestra Bill & Bobbie Irvine At The Royal Albert Hall (Album) DANSAN DS 001
78 Not Traced DANSAN DS 002
78 Bryan Smith  The Happy Piano Of Bryan Smith (Album) DANSAN DS 003
78 Ike Isaacs The Latin Guitars Of Ike Isaacs (Album) DANSAN DS 004
78 New Vaudeville Band Thank You For The Music DANSAN SDS  005
78 Johnny Howard & Orchestra  Play Cole Porter (Album) DANSAN DS 006
78 The Andy Ross Orchestra Come & Dance To Bill And Bobbie Irvine's Favourites (Album) DANSAN DS 007
78 Ray Mcvay  Ray Mcvay Playing Music From The Hit Parade (Album) DANSAN DS 008
78 Bryan Smith With New Hawaiians Hawaiian Sequence (Album) DANSAN DS 009
78 Johnny Howard Orchestra & Singers Irving Berlin's Hit Parade (Album) DANSAN DS 010
78 Not Traced DANSAN DS 011
78 Not Traced DANSAN DS 012
78 Not Traced DANSAN DS 013
79 Ken Turner & His Orchestra  From Blackpool  (Album) DANSAN DS 014
79 Michael Stylianos Catch The Fever DANSAN DSEP 015
79 No Artist Listed Quickstep And Foxtrots DANSAN DSEP  501
79 No Artist Listed Shall We Dance Quickstep And Waltzes DANSAN DSEP  502
79 No Artist Listed Rumbas And Cha-Chas DANSAN DSEP  503

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