One of several Strict Tempo Music labels which catered for the Ballroom Dancing market in Britain.  Dancetime issued more than seventy EPs and singles during the '60s and '70s; such notables of the Ballroom Dancing scene as Bryan Smith and Harry Engelman recorded for the company, which was based in Enfield.  Throughout the 1960s and into the early '70s the records had a rather old-fashioned-looking label, which came in many different colours; printing was usually in silver, which never scans properly on light-coloured labels, as can be seen on several of the examples shown.  From.1973 a different label design was used; this also appeared in various colours.  The layout of both types of EP label is unusual, with the titles being placed on opposite sides of the label rather than one above the other, as is usually the case.  At least five numerical series were used for EPs: DT-500 seems to have been the main one, with PDT-700, DTO-800, DTE-1000, and DTR-4000 appearing less frequently.  Singles had their own DTS-100 series, but there weren't many of them.  The first Dancetime records appear to have been issued 1962; the company was still putting out EPs in 1979.  It is interesting to see publishers' stamps being used as late as 1970; they were at their commonest back in the 78 rpm era, though they made occasional appearances until at least 1980. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. Former Address Dancetime Recoeds Ltd, 45 Rowantree Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 8PN.

77 Monty Pearce Mordern Waltz One Love DANCETIME  DTO 800
78 Monty Pearce Quickstep Sugar Lips DANCETIME  DTO 801
78 Monty Pearce Dance To Monty'S Music No.3 DANCETIME  DTO 802
74 Harry Engleman  Mordern Waltz Our Love DANCETIME  DTE 1101
74 Harry Engleman  Tangos Blue Sapphire DANCETIME  DTE 1102
75 Harry Engleman Dixieland Six Dixieland DANCETIME  DTE 1103
76 Harry Engleman Sequence Five Old Time Waltz DANCETIME  DTE 1104
77 Harry Engleman Sequence Four Modern Waltzes / Quicksteps DANCETIME  DTE 1105
77 Harry Engleman Tango Orchestra Misty DANCETIME  DTE 1106
78 The Harry Engleman Orchestra Gavotte / Tango DANCETIME  DTE 1107
79 Not Issued DANCETIME  DTE 1108
79 Harry Engleman Sequence Five Dancing To Harry Engleman (Ep) DANCETIME  DTE 1109

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