Independent label: Dance Fools Dance Records was owned by 'Robert Smith' of 'The Cure'. It managed one single. A very rare split 4-track EP only 100 copies made in various colours. Includes sticker and info sheet.  Recorded at Morgan Studios in the first half of 1979 and it was released in July 1979. It issued singles in an GLITCH-0 numerical series. The Obtainers was Nick Loot - vocals, Robin Banks - drums / guitar. MagSpys was Gary Bowe - vocals, Martin Ordish - drums, Stuart Hinton - guitar, Rick - bass, Simon Gallup - bass, Carol Thompson - backing vocals. Distributed By Dance Fools Dance Records.

79 The Obtainers / Mag/Spys Yeh Yeh Yeh. Pussy Wussy / Lifeblood. Bombs. DANCE FOOLS DANCE GLITCH 1

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