Independent label: Damont Records was a Vinyl pressing plant based in Hayes, Middlesex. It is Now defunct after liquidation in 2005 and a compulsory winding up order being issued in May 2006. when the company ceased trading. The company was dissolved officially in 2009 after three years of dormancy following the liquidation and winding up order. Damont Records was a vinyl-and-tape-manufacturing firm in the '70s. Under the management of Monty Presky it issued records on its own label, as well as recording and pressing other people's; most were budget-priced albums of such things as 'Favourite Hymns', 'Children's Favourites' and other middle-of-the-road items. Damont made few ventures into the singles market; such singles as it issued were distributed by WEA. There appear to have been just three of them, in a DMS-5000 series, and they seem to have been released in 1978-79.  They were preceded by an EP, the London Philharmonic Orchestra's rendering of music from 'Star Wars' (DMEP-100; 1977). Distributed By WEA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Star Wars DAMONT DMEP 100
79 Ronnie Duke & The Family What Christmas Means To Me DAMONT DMS 5001
79 Festival Remember The Green Cross Code DAMONT DMS 5002
79 Bryn Yemm Morriston Orpheus Choir Old Rugged Cross DAMONT DMS 5003
77 The National Philharmonic Orchestra Star Wars / Stereo Space Odyssey (Album)  DAMONT DMT 2001
78 The National Philharmonic Orchestra Five Tones Movement' Of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. DAMONT 7DMT 2002

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