Independent Reggae label: Daddy Kool Records was owned by Keith Stone and run from his record shop in Hanway Street, London W1. Daddy Kool was also a small dusty basement shop, boarding Soho area, far from today's standards, that offered a large display (and knowledge) of jamaican underground (and under rated) music. A long time before reggae went international. A long time before Greensleeves Records shop and Dub Vendor early days. This shop began with the golden ska and rocksteady era. Now, it should be regarded as a real pioneer that took a large part in the history of JA music distribution. Along side with Trojan Records and R&B Records. Daddy Kool issued at least five singles, in the period 1976 to 77, some of which had blue injection-moulded labels in the Phonogram style. Catalogue numbers were in a DK-000 / DK-0 series. Distribution was by Dover Records. Daddy Kool Former address: 44 Hanway Street, London W1. and 94 Dean Street, London W1. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Campbell Cornell   I Heart Is Clean  DADDY KOOL  DK 001
76 Dunkley Errol  Eunoch Power DADDY KOOL  DK 002
76 Black Stones  We Nah Go Suffer  DADDY KOOL  DK 003
76 Winston  George One Foot Sammy  DADDY KOOL  DK 4
76 George Boswell  Jah Fire  DADDY KOOL  DK 5

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