Independent Reggae label: D-Roy Distributed by Mojo. D-Roy released singles in the 1977-78 period, all of which appear to have been produced by Delroy Witter, who owned the label. Most of these singles were manufactured and distributed by Pye; some again were marketed by Plastic Fantastic. Numbering was in the DR-000s, but for some reason all but one of the singles also have alternative catalogue numbers, in the GUN-150s, FORCE-1000s or PF-000s; the GUNs are not in step with the DRs. There also seem to have been two DR-006es, with different alternative catalogue numbers. The label used the same logo on at least three different backgrounds - yellow swirls, grey hoops, etc; DR-004 can be found with two different label designs, one of which lacks the alternative catalogue number. D-Roy Records Former address: 5 Felixstowe Road, Kensal Green, London NW10. Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Campbell Cornell  Be Thankful  D ROY DR 001
77 Not Traced D ROY DR 002
77 Campbell Cornell  Listen Dread  D ROY DR 003 GUN 153
77 Kay Janet   That's What Friends Are For  D ROY DR 004 GUN 151
78 Heptics Natural Woman D ROY DR 005
78 David Tyrone   Susie Wong  D ROY DR 006 GUN 152
78 Kay Janet   I Do Love You  D ROY DR 007 GUN 150
78 Ranking Super Star  Wisdom  D ROY DR 008 PF 008
78 David Tyrone   Mind Blowing Decisions  D ROY DR 009 PF 009
78 Sonia  She's The One Love Forgot  D ROY DR 006 FORCE 1002

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